Dead Zone

Dec 11, 2020

It seems that my current version of SL3 has a dead zone at the bottom of the slides. Is anyone else experiencing this. It's dead during preview :( and when I published one of the slides to test it, it is dead on play :(. The problem is I think the course was first published in flash and I am trying to update it to HTML5. The course I currently have online everything works. If the HTML5 course has the dead zone the course will not work without moving EVERY button UP the page to a live zone (losing the whole bottom of slides). :( Help please?

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Katie Riggio

Hello, Sylvia. Thanks for writing in!

I see that we helped you in this discussion regarding this experience. This matches an open issue in Storyline where:

  • Behavior: Objects near the bottom of the slide are not clickable.

We'll notify you of any changes in this bug's progress. If you're in a bind, we'd love to help you work around it until then. Connect with us by clicking here, and our team will provide the next step! 

Sylvia Wright


I tried some of the suggestions from the team and have discovered that the dead zone seems to have a direct correlation to the player. When I made changes to customize the player the buttons in the dead zone ceased to function. When I reset the player to the default everything works. This is a huge relief, but also a huge disappointment. I worked backwards with the player settings I changed and everything worked until I unchecked the volume control button. All of my other changes did not affect the dead zone, but the volume button on the player, if unchecked, engages the deadzone.