Dealing with image quality in Storyline 360 when imported from file


When I import image in Storyline (Insert -> Picture from file) -- the Storyline automatically expands the image on the full slide width. Thus, I cannot avoid adjusting image size.
So it does not matter how good quality the source image is, and how accurate the size - if I know Storyline slide proportions in pixels I can create an image with 96dpi of the needed pixel size, but it will still be rescaled by Storyline when importing. This behavior contradicts what I have read in the user manual on image quality in Storyline 360:

"Start with high quality images and videos that are already properly sized for your course. Scaling media up or down in your course can cause blurriness, especially if your images and videos have text."

I also saw another thread on the topic with no solution here:

What would be the workaround then?
Many thanks!

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Quinn Kampschroer

Here's how you do it, though it doesn't work for Flash-only courses:

1. Insert your image into your slide (as large as you want/need).  Don't worry about the quality now.

2. Publish your course.

3. Open your course files folder and go into the 'mobile' folder.

4. You'll find your project images stored here.

5. Copy your high-quality image (from your computer) to this folder, but use the image title Storyline gave your (now) low-quality image (a long string of alphanumeric characters).  Essentially, you're replacing the low-quality file in the 'mobile' folder with your high-quality image but using the low-quality title so that Storyline can find your high-quality file.

And you're done!  

It's been tested with Edge, IE and Chrome.  I'm sure it'll work with everything else.