Dealing with software / issues by creating a test course that exposes them

Dear team - an idea that I want to share with you, because it may be useful to a lot of your customers, and probably you could create it better than I can! ;)

We tested a turn-based learning game this week. We started with teething troubles - missing letters, wrong flash versions, Javascript not enabled - basically the full range of problems that have been reported on here, and you are aware of. Basically, we need to then tell them to get their IT to sort out the settings / update the software etc. But it ruined the start of the game because some locations missed the first turns. 

A solution we would be happy with is a 'Tester' Scorm module, which they can receive a week before the course or game start, and would expose any IT issues they need so they can get them sorted out before the course or game starts. 

It might be: Page 1 - "Does this font appear properly, if not x" ; Page 2: "Does this film play properly?, if not y" - "Click on the pop-up - if no pop-up appears... etc - get the idea?

I'd consider it a great service if you could release such a module - and it would be a great way of tackling quite a few of the customer issues I've been seeing!

Or do I have to build my own? What do you think? 

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Adam Bayliss

Hi Micheal - I'm just back from holiday, sorry for the late reply.

So far my list is:

  • Font downloading (user is shown text next to a picture, they should appear the same)
  • javascript enabled (click a button, an alert box should appear)
  • SCORM communication (gets the name from the LMS)
  • Film (media appears properly - just a film inserted out of the library)
  • Pictures appear properly (a slide has pictures embedded as .jpg, png, gif )
  • ....

If anyone can think of anything else I can add (with the test would be great), you'll be my new best friend :)