Decide when the slide must end

Sep 19, 2013


I have different objects on my slide (pictures, text etc). All of them have different length on time line (does anybody know why?). I have also speaker. I want that the duration of slide is equal to duration of speaker. The thing is that some objects are longer and it takes a lot of time to adjust them manually. Is there any option that I might have missed that can make this process easier. Timing option is not so good as I have to write how many seconds/minutes I want the object appear on the slide. I'd like to write instead that certain objects should appear for instance till 106 sec.

Thanks for help.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Olga,

Were the objects/pictures/text copied to that slide from somewhere else? If so, they'll keep their original timing. There isn't a way to currently make them all shorter at once, but you can drag each of them from the end of the timeline back towards the left to shorten their time. Also, you'll be able to change the timeline length by dragging the end of the timeline back to the left, and it will stop at the longest/latest timeline object. If you'd like all objects to play to the end once you've fixed it up, you can select each object by holding down the CTRL key while you click on each one, and then right click and select "Show until end."

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