decimal mark in numeric questions or data fields

May 09, 2012


Is it in numeric fields (questions/numeric entry/variables) possible, to use a comma (,) as decimal mark and not the dot (.) ?

Here in Austria (and also in many other countries) numbers are written this way: 123.456,78

The dot is used as 'thousands separator'.

A workaround is to use text fields, but then I can't use a numeric question with option 'value between ...'

greetings, roman

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thanks - I submitted it for SL and QM.
Hope you can make it work for QM12  

Additional to the decimal-mark issue, it would also be good to be flexible in the 'thousand-separator' issue. We use the dot as thousand-separator.
As I've learned today from Wikipedia other countries use other 'digit group separator' and other conventions of grouping (2 or 4 digits).

What for?
We have questions, where users should calculate and type in the result (eg. 123.456,78)
Here QM and SL should be able to identify also (eg.) 123456,78 or 123 456,78 as a correct result.

Which experience do others have with this issue?

Greetings, roman

Kellie Mitchell

HI Ashley,

I've created a Manager's Cash Simulation and am trying to display numeric reference variables with thousands separators. For example, 17,233.00 versus 17233. I don't see how to do this. Am I missing something fundamental here?

Also, is there a simple way (or otherwise) to add the $ sign as needed?  Such as $17,233 versus 17233.

Thank you!


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kellie, 

I've seen a few different ways in which this was handled. This discussion goes the route of Javascript to ensure that decimals and commas are include and this other discussion has some ideas about creating it as a text reference, versus numeric which will keep the decimals and commas. 

Hope that helps! 

David Tait

I've encountered the need to be able to type commas instead of decimal points in a numeric entry field. Does anyone know if it's even possible to acheive this with Javascript? For this interaction the end user needs to be able to type the comma as the course is being translated in to six languages that use commas instead of points. 

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