Decreased MP4 Quality In Storyline

Feb 12, 2015

Hi Everyone, 

I'm attempting to import a .mp4 file into storyline (it's a .mp4 file I created in premiere pro).  The file imports correctly, but there's a significant decrease in quality when I'm rendering out and viewing the final video. Does anyone know the best ways to optimize videos in storyline so the final version will not be a significantly lower quality?


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Cody Salinas

Hey, Zac.

Storyline compresses the videos for seamless playback, and I believe it's to take into account that not all users who access media-rich content have sufficient bandwidth to view 1080p videos.

If you want to play HD content, I suggest simply embedding the video and host it at YouTube or Vimeo. You can keep the video unlisted with YouTube and remove the "Suggested Videos" that appear once playback is complete.

If you do import videos directly into Storyline, ensure your mp4s have a high bitrate (I suggest anything higher than 6,500 kbps). Having a higher bitrate prior to Storyline's compression should give the video a high-definition appearance.

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