Decreasing Multiple Response Activity

Jun 06, 2016

I am thinking of trying something in an eLearning assignment that I saw done with straight coding at another company.  My goal is to have a decreasing multiple response questions.  Meaning the following:

First, you have the participant select their top 10 things out of a list of say 20 things.

Next - those 10 things are carried forward to a new screen, and you have to choose between those to choose your top 5 things.

Those 5 things are now your result.  

I like the concept to help people to focus down.

Has anyone done anything like this in Storyline?  I am thinking possibly variables...

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Steve VE

This would be much easier to do with straight coding but we'll work with what we have.

On slide 1

  1. Create 20 things. It might be easiest to use buttons and states for this.
  2. Create 20 true/false variables for those things (e.g. Thing1, Thing2, Thing3, etc.). Set them to False.
  3. Add a trigger so that when the user clicks a button, the corresponding variable is set to True.
  4. Copy all the buttons

On slide 2

  1. Paste all the buttons.
  2. Set all the button states to Hidden.
  3. Create a timeline trigger. The trigger will check which variables are set to True. Any variable set to True will change the state of the corresponding button from Hidden to Normal. For example: if Thing1 == True set Button1 state to Normal.
  4. Copy all the buttons.

On slide 3

  1. Paste all the buttons. Make sure they are set to Hidden.
  2. Go back to slide 2
  3. Copy all the triggers.
  4. Go back to slide 3.
  5. Paste all the triggers.

That should work. In theory, anyway.

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