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Oct 30, 2014


I'm currently exploring using Storyline to build out university courses.  One of the requests has been whether or not Storyline will support deep linking to readings for the course.  Currently, the university uses Canvas which allows students to click on a  hyperlink to the reading, which will then take them to the university's authentication page where they log in to access a journal article, etc. Is this possible to do in Storyline (i.e. the user clicks on a link which will bring them to the authentication page and then point them to the article)? Any info or insights would be greatly appreciated!

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Nicola Redfearn

I've added links to documents housed on our company SharePoint before.  As long as the user has permissions for that particular site it goes straight through.

I think the only way to be really sure would be to download the trial version.  Do a very quick mock up of the link and get users to test it out in the field.


Nicola Redfearn

I always think it is best to test in the real environment with real users that do not have admin rights to the system.  You never know what kind of permission gremlins are in the system and it is only when you try it for real that you find things out. 

For example we recently changed LMS systems at my company.  Courses that I have previously published didn't report as I would expect in the new LMS becuase the system settings were different.  And then, when I tested accessibility to some of the linked documents I got different results to others becuase I had admin rights and normal users did not.

Using temp share or google drive may tell you if it is theoretically possible.  Doing it for real will give you better information!

I would create a 1 or 2 page course with my links.  Pop them in the system to test and ask a few users to open the course and send you screenshots of where the links took them to including what happened once they put in the correct credentials.  Hopefully the answers will be the ones you want, but you may have some surprises too!



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