Default configuration for software simulation

Oct 26, 2018

I've been using Storyline very intensively for some time now, but I still stumble over the fact that I can not completely customize the default settings for software recording/ simulations. At the moment it is a very cumbersome, annoying and time consuming work after the screen recording.
More precisely we would like to achieve a try mode, in which the Hint Caption is directly and permanently displayed (with no mouse over action and no fade-out animation). Besides, I would like to have automatically German text as hints (for example, the German word "klicken" instead of "click").
So far, I have only managed to adjust the color of the bubble by default (by changing the theme colors, but this is also a special experience because you are forced to use the same colors on different elements, that can cause having e.g. white text on white background on some elements).
To achieve my desired result I have to perform this tasks on every single page after the recording:
- change action "Show layer hint caption" from "mouse hovers over" to "when timeline starts" (or copy the hint caption to the base layer)
- change the font and remove the text-shadow from it
- remove the fade-out animation on every hint caption
- change the text
- remove Show Layer action "Try again" 

I also tried to achieve the same result with the demo mode, but it is the same amount of work, just with different steps.
Isn't it possible to generate a template which does this by default?

Thanks in advance for any hint...

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