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Jun 20, 2014

Is there any way to set default font in Storyline file?

If I just take a text box, the font should be the default one (Other than Articulate font).

I also want to know that, Is there any way to search a text in specific font?

i.e. If my entire file has Arial font but if i want to search a text box having Vardana font....

can i search in that way?

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Antony Snow

Hi Sam and Julian,

The best way to change the default font in your project is to create a custom font theme as described here

The above method will only apply your new font to certain aspects of your project and not to text boxes. However, if you create a new text box, add a letter or number to it and format this as you need to (font name and size), you can then right-click on the text box and select 'Set as Default Text Box'.

You can't search for a particular font used directly in SL but if you use the translation feature and export your project to Word, you can use Word's 'Find and Replace' and choose the Format button to replace the font style as desired. Once done, you can then use the translation feature in Storyline to import the content back into your project.
I hope this helps

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