Default Menu - clicking arrow on Scene 2 expands the items on Scene 3

Hi everyone,

I am experiencing a bug on the built-in left menu in Storyline 2.

It happens when all the scenes are collapsed, and then when I click the arrow on Scene 2, the items on Scene 3 expands instead of Scene 2.

The thing is, when I un-check the "Wrap long menu item titles" in the Menu options, it works just fine. It also works when I keep the Scene titles as the "parent" screen and all the slides as its "children". However, I cannot use this settings because our client requires the previous settings, not like this. The titles should be wrapped and the parent slide should be the first slide in the scene.

Has anyone experience this? Or has anyone found a fix?

Thank you in advanced! 

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Joyce Noval

That's right Richard. I set the first slide on the scene to be the "parent" slide.

I've also tried deleting the first slide in the Menu since they have the same titles as the Scenes. It works fine but the problem is that it doesn't highlight the Scene title once I'm on the first slide. The client wouldn't like that since the first version works just fine. :/