Default navigation buttons are appearing.

I use custom navigation for all our learning modules. For some reason, when the user goes to a previous quiz slide, the default navigation buttons appear along with the custom navigation. They do not appear when I test in Storyline 2, only when the project is uploaded to our LMS (Moodle). 

Would anyone have any idea as to why this is happening?

Thanks in advance...

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Jason Levy

The default navigation buttons are Articulate's, as they appear in the module. As this is an issue that just occurred; I wonder if it is related to other flash issues with Articulate.

I've included a couple screen shots to shot the custom navigation. The default navigation only appears on the quiz slides when I use the back button from the slide proceeding the quiz slide. 

Jason Levy

Is that a new feature? In the past when users have clicked our custom navigation to go back to the quiz; they were stuck there without the ability to move forward. There were no default buttons allowing them to move forward. 

It seems counter productive to force the navigation buttons to be on that slide. 

Richard Lorrain

We are having the same issue here.

The only way I see is to make the buttons, in the player propreties transparent on all states.

I am working on it now and will confirm if this could be used. The users would still be able to click on the area and be sent next or previous but in full transparency, it would be a mistake and not an intentional move...