Default Print Button is not working in in storyline standalone file


I have created assessment in Storyline update 4 and 5, the print functionality is not working only the standalone file but web and SCORM it is working fine. when i click print button empty html page is opening and it throwing the blocker popup "Internet Explorer restricted the web page from running scripts or ActiveX controls" after click allow blocked content button nothing is displayed, only empty screen is appearing. 

Do i enable any settings in IE? also i changed the default browser was chrome but got the same issue.


Prakash B

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Prakash,

It sounds like you're testing the Print Results feature locally, and you may be encountering security and browser restrictions that are preventing that feature from displaying the results page correctly.

Instead, I always recommend testing output files in the intended environment to ensure everything runs smoothly! You mentioned you tested the output on SCORM Cloud and on a web server. Did the Print Results feature work correctly there?