Default settings in Storyline

This may be something simple I'm missing...but...

Currently, when I create a new shape, object, picture, etc.,  it is created with default timeline settings: "Show Until End".

Is it possible to change the default settings so new objects are created with a different default duration, like 5 seconds?

I know I can control the Start Time by clicking on the timeline, but can I change the default duration time as well?  It would save a lot of editing time...



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Gerry Wasiluk


No can do.  Many of us have asked for this for the same reasons you give. 

Or you past an object from a longer length slide to a shorter length slide and the pasted object increases the timeline length of the shorter slide unnecessarily.

I'd add your voice with a feature request.

The more voices, the better.

John Jamison

Thanks Gerry,

I agree with the timeline extension issue as well. I'd also like to be able to create a new object with a pre-set animation...for those recurring pieces.

I'll post in the features requests...though I'm still with StoryLine 1, which I'm guessing isn't going to get much updating.  I've just not found a strong enough reason to invest in StoryLine 2 yet.

Thanks again,


Heather Beaudoin (Steckley)

I entered a feature request for this, too.  However, has there also been a bug identified?

I have a slide where everything is set to 5 sec.  I create a new slide, and it's set to 5 sec.  Then, I copy/paste the objects from the first slide to the second slide, and now everything on the second slide is extended to 83 sec.

Happens every time.  Thoughts?

Heather Beaudoin (Steckley)

I did some more testing because it wasn't every file and every slide, but it did happen a lot.  I finally narrowed it down to happening when I copy/paste a group of objects.  When I expand the group, every object says it's only 5 sec, but it pastes as 83 sec.  I submitted a support ticket with a file attached that you can use to replicate.  

If you come back and say I'm blind and there really is an 83 sec image in that timeline, I'm going to just have to go home and lie down for the rest of the day.  :)

Ren Gomez

Hi Harry,

Thanks for reaching out! The functionality is still the same for adding objects to a slide in that it will default to filling the timeline.

I do want to mention; if you copy an object, even from a different slide, it will retain the length of that time when you paste it. Hopefully that helps you save time as you continue to build your course!