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I am new to Articulate and I have imported a powerpoint into Articulate with our company template. We have next, home and back buttons customised on the template so we dont need the default template that is appearing in the preview mode (with next/back buttons, menu etc). Question how do I get rid of that surrounding template that is sitting around my template in the preview.

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Daniel Sposato (Philly)

Hi Sofie,

You can go into the Player Properties and turn everything off so that you just get a border around your project. It's what I did for a project I did a while back. You also need to hide your next and previous buttons for your slides. I made a few slides I used as templates and would copy and paste them so they to would not have next and previous default buttons.

One weird thing, until you link your pages together with your custom buttons, is the Scenes slide view will populate additional slides horizontally until you link them.