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Every time I had a new element to the timeline in which I've already inserted audio the automatic default for the element is the end of the timeline. Then I have to drag the element back to where I want it.  Sometimes once the element has been added the timeline allows me to uncheck 'play to the end' and then it allows me to stipulate a start time and an end time.  More frequently it won't allow me to do that and I'm back to dragging back and forth.

I've read all the discussion chains I can find on this matter.  For the past few years that I've been using Storyline I've noticed it's a recurring theme with others as well. Isn't there some way of eliminating the automatic check mark beside 'play to the end' when you create a new element?

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Mary Field

Thanks for responding Ren. I’ve also discovered that if I lay down the narration tracks before I start populating the slide, edit out all the gaps and gasps for breath my timeline will be pretty much set in stone. Then if one of my elements escapes it can only ever go as far as the end of the last recorded narration on the slide. That’s my theory and I’m stickin’ to it (until the computer shows me otherwise.)


Lauren Connelly

Hello Mary!

Thanks for sharing that example with us! In that case, could you edit the Start Time and the End Time to make objects appear at the right point?

Here's a quick look.

I did notice that even taking the steps doesn't move the slide timeline from the previous spot. We do have this logged as a bug, so I'll add this discussion to the report. We'll keep you updated in this discussion.