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I am new to storyline 2. Im sure there is probably an easy answer to my query: How can I set the same triggers for all of my slides without having to copy and paste into each slide? for example, throughout the e-learning, I want the next button to be disabled until the timeline finishes and would think I could set this as default when I begin a new project.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Megan,

If you want the next button to be disabled (unusuable) until the user has reached the end of the slide timeline you could also enable the menu navigation to be restricted as that is built into the functionality of Storyline 2. You can read more about how to restrict navigation here. 

Claudia Medina

Dear Ashley,

I am using Storyline 3.  I would like to know whether I can use restrict navigation only in simulations or demos. I want my course to offer free navigation, but I want my simulations to have restricted navigation. Is there any other way of doing this besides using the Player Menu?


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Claudia! It sounds like you want the simulation slides to not allow users to jump ahead before each slide's timeline is complete. Here's how you can manage that:

  • Remove the player menu from those slides.
  • Create a trigger to hide or disable the next button when the timeline starts, and to enable the next button when the timeline ends. If you want them to revisit these slides and be able to skip ahead after the first visit, consider using a true/false variable to make a condition on the trigger to disable the next button, e.g.
    Change state of next button to hidden when the timeline starts IF variable "slide1finished" is equal to false.

Let us know how that works!