Defining Storyline course size inacurrate?


Simple question I think. As per the graphic below. The course size you define in the Change Story Size window does not appear to match the actual size of the course. The actual size of the course is larger. In this example, by 20 PX

Additionally, I've noted that when turning on the seekbar, the course size defined in Storyline no longer applies. It adds about 50px as the seekbar is added to the bottom of the player.

Both instances are somewhat non-standard behavoiur as the ability to define a fixed presentation size is very important for a number of situations (in my case allowing the course to work in a 1024 x 768 environment without users having to scroll).


1. Is there a way to define the course size that is absolute, and does not change? As you can see in the attached images, I defined the course size as 570 and it turned out to be 590. I.e. Shouldn't eh Change Story Size window setting affect the actual size of the course? Bit confused here. I only caught the real dimensions of the course when I measured them in Photoshop.

2. Why does the course appear as 590 when I set it to 570 (see attached image)?

3. Is it possible to include the seekbar within the defined dimensions set in the Change Story Size window, or will it (and 50px) always be appended to the overall height of the course?

Thanks very much!


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Dave Ray

Thanks Michael for the quick response.

To Articulate: As this is so fundamental, I would recommend that a comment to this effect be included in the Change Story Size window, as it's not clear the Story Size your are defining is for the CONTENT area only.

It's a bit awkward, truthfully. As -- short of taking a screenshot of your published course and precisely measuring it in Photoshop or something -- you'll never actually know the vertical dimensions of your course.

Second recommendation to Articulate: In either (both is better I think) the Change Story Size window or the Player Properties window, display in a non-editable field the current total vertical dimensions of the course based upon the features / options currently enabled. That would be very useful.

(Context: I own an eLearning Consulting company and have been building custom and third-party courseware for 15+ years).



Phil Mayor

This is defined here in the KB

Which is what Michael posted, the Storyline interface is analogous with the PPT interface so Story Size refers to the Slide size and not the player.

It would be a good feature request to see the size in the publish dialogue, however if you set your course to scale then size is meaningless.