Delay Every 10mins

Jan 17, 2014

This is my first visit to these forums, so please forgive me if this is a silly question or there is already an answer somewhere, but I simply can't find it.

I have a SCORM package running in moodle that delivers a few seconds delay every 10, 20, and 30mins.

This is not something that the builder of the SCORM package has designed into his project and I have been trying to diagnose the cause of the delay.

From the API debugging tool inside moodle I can see that the Scorm makes the following calls at the time that the delay occurs:


and immediately after a  'Commit("", "")'

These calls happen when a user opens the SCORM and starts the quiz (which is calling questions from a bank and delivering them inside the same slide) even if the user simply stays on the first question page and does nothing)

There was a countdown clock running in the SCORM so we switched that off, but still have the delay every 10 mins.

Is there a setting, or is it a functional requirement of all SCORMS that these calls, are made every 10mins to the LMS.

Where can I find the settings, and Can they be changed?

Many thanks in advance for your guidance.

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