Delay to advance slides

I have a lengthy course that was originally built of screen records. When did the recording through Storyline and imported as step by step. The SME asked to stop the slides from auto-advancing so I removed all actions of seeing the mouse move and any additional "recordings" so now it is basically screen shots.

But now even though it is set to move to next slide when user clicks next, there is a delay of about 5 seconds before you can click on the next button. I have looked at all the settings and can't figure out why this is occurring. It is even occurring on slide that never had any screen record or actions.

Any suggestions? Happy to post the course if anyone want to look it over. I would really hate to have to rebuild this.

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Karyn Aberts

No, I did a screen record through Storyline and inserted that. So originally there were some mouse movements you could see on certain screens, but people said they found them distracting so I removed them from the timelines on the slides. After that is when I started experiencing the delay to advance.

Daniel Sposato (Philly)

OK. Well I found that when you shorten the timelines of the slides, they seen to click on to the next slide sooner. For some reason the slides are set to not allow advancement until you reach the end of the slide. And the previous button refuses to work. What I tried with the first 5 slides was to copy and paste them, by selecting all in one scene, to a blank project and it started working normally. So I would say to try that.