Delay triggers

When the user clicks on a hotspot there are 2 triggers. The first changes an object to another state (grey to show it has been Visited) and the second jumps to the next slide. I can't get the boxes to change to Grey though. I have tried it in Visited state as well, which is why I created the Grey state. It works fine on another slide setup exactly the same way. Help! I put the offending slide into the attachment.

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Walt Hamilton

This is definitely one, if not two bugs. See the originator layer in the attached sample . Harm/Near Miss, and Hazard do not work. Behavioral Observation and SHE Audit do.

1. Behavioral Observation was made to work by changing the target of the Jump trigger to unassigned. This may be a bug or a timing issue, as it seems that the state change does not happen when a jump occurs. If there is no jump target, the change occurs as expected. However the change is initiated before the jump, and it should be completed regardless. So I'm thionking this is a bug.

SHE Audit was made to work by adding an animation between the state change, and the jump triggers (which it seems to me what the title of the original post implies the author was asking for.) The jump trigger is initiated by the completion of the animation. With the delay (of customizable length), the state change is made, then the jump occurs.

I have reported the other bug.

Regardless, with a delay between the state change and the jump, it can be made to work.