Delayed animation on base showing up on layers?

Nov 24, 2017

Hoping someone can help!  I've got the base layer running like a video, where there is a narration happening and photos/words/etc are showing up at different points on the timeline (coinciding with the narration).

This is great, IF the learner is sitting there, patiently 'watching' the base layer before clicking on the 'steps' below.  

The problem I'm encountering is that if they're viewing a layer by clicking the button, any animation that hadn't started yet shows up, even though I hid the base objects in the layer.  

EXAMPLE: This layer is blank, but the bullet points on the base layer hadn't hit their point on the timeline yet.

Here is what my timeline looks like on the base vs. the "Observe" layer:


Thanks in advance for the help!!

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