Delaying change of state on one slide after another slide visited

Hi, I am new to Articulate Storyline and am hoping you can help.

I have an introduction slide with a number of tiles, with each tile (upon clicking it) is linked to a new slide.  Once they have visited the associated slide they click the close button and return to the introduction slide; where the tile associated with the slide they just visited changes state (goes grey and a tick).

I'm finding that the tile changes state as soon as they click on the tile, whereas I want to delay the change of state to occur as they return to the introduction slide.

I've attached an example of what I've set up and I'm hoping you can give me some tips on how to fix my issue.

Thank you


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Christine Hounsham

Hi Nicky, 

I am not at home at moment to open your story 3 file, however, I have attached an example to show the point suggestions.  In the attached you will see that the titles only change once I come back from visiting the linked slide.  

The points to look for are:

- the trigger sending them to the slide is above any customise change of state triggers you may have set (ie if you have manually added a change of state trigger);

- if you instead using the inbuilt 'Visited' state as I have in my example, you don't need to worry about the above troubleshooting tip.  (ie you will see there are no triggers in mine to change the state, as this auto happens).   In this case I would check that you don't have a down state.  If so, click the Edit States button, select the down state and delete.  

I hope this two tips resolve you issue, otherwise I can have a look at your Story 3 file tonight. 

Cheers Christine

Nicky Hall

Hi Christine,

I've changed the state to visited rather than complete and replaced my triggers with the ones in your example.  This works and the tile does change state to show that the relevant slide has been visited, but the change of state still occurs as the tile is being clicked and you are in the process of jumping to the next slide.

Is there any way you know of that can delay the state change so that you see it once you're back on the main page?



Wendy Farmer

Hi Nicky

see if the attached works how you want.

I have just worked on the first two tiles.  I created a T/F variable that is triggered on the Tile slide and then used the variable in the trigger on the main page.

Hope this helps.

Christine Hounsham

Thanks Wendy for fixing this one.  Nicky, fyi, I can see from your file you had an additional Change of State trigger that you didn't need, that was sitting before the Jump to Slide trigger.  Simply deleting this makes your set-up work.  

Given you have 10 linking slides (that are just quick reads) my personal preference would be to make these as layers, instead of individual slides.  This way you don't need to worry about the variables.  (see built example attached)

Obviously layers aren't always appropriate depending on the slide design, but this is another option for you to consider. 

Cheers Christine

Jenny Brewer

Wendy, the file example you provided gave me the answer I was just looking for! Specifically the Trigger on slide one firing when the "timeline starts" of object "page name" with the condition that the variable had changed to "true." I had understood how to make the variable change on the secondary page I wanted viewed, but I had trouble getting the completed state (check mark) to display after returning to the main page. Anyway, you saved the day and I appreciate the simple file you uploaded, nothing extra to confuse the already confused learner! ;)