Delete a Master Slide

May 24, 2013


In my Slide Master I have 3 Master Slide options with corresponding layouts and want to delete the ones not required (for example one set of layouts has Articulate fonts and the other set uses Arial - I want to delete Master Slides using Arial).  However, I am not able to delete the unwanted slides - delete and cut are grayed out.

To clarify a bit more:  when in Storyline and I select Insert New Slide, I have the following 3 options to select slides from:  Custom Design, Clean and Clean.   



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Dorothy!

Have you checked to see if any slides are associated with the Master you're trying to delete? I believe the option to delete a Master will be grayed out if any slides are tied to that Master, or its sub-slides.

If you've already checked this, are you able to share the .STORY file? I'd be happy to take a look.



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