Delete audio from Video On a Slide, Export Video or Import Audio

May 19, 2014

Hi everyone,

I have recorded a video and had it on one slide. I need to change the audio as I don't want to re-record it again. Is this possible? Can I export it into a video and edit the video out in a third party software? Also, if I can remove the audio, can I record audio in another took and import it back into the video? If not, can I split the video into step-by-step and then import my pre-recorded mp3 files onto each slide?

Thanks so much for your help,


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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Paula and welcome to Heroes.

Yes, you can do 1 and 2, you can sort of do 3.

While you can't exactly strip of the Audio segment of a video within Storyline, you can lower the volume to virtual silence, so you can always insert an extra audio element on top of that.

It is however best, if you just substitute the audio part of the video using a 3rd party tool (since you may want to do another take) then import back into Storyline.

Hope this helps,

Paula O'Neal

Thanks Alex and Doug. Now that I know that I can replace the audio, if I rerecord it, it might not exactly match up with the movements on the screen. My next question is I can insert the video as a view mode steps as a new scene, which splits the video into individual slides. I can then create my individual wav files and delete the slides that I do not want. I want to hide the steps in the navigation pane on the left. How do I do that?


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