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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Pyxi, 

What version of Storyline are you using? Within Storyline 2 you could create a Chromeless player as described here.

If you're using Storyline 3 or 360, we'll automatically show the content in the responsive player on a phone or tablet. Take a look at our responsive player FAQ here.

pyxi pyx

Thank you Ashley for the quick reply,
as described on the link above, you can make the contours of the player invisible by changing the opacity to 100%, but the borders still exist.

here is an example of my project to explain the problem.
what I want is to delete the white space in the "player_chromless_border.png" screenshot, not just to make the borders invisible.

Thank you.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Ah, thanks Pyxi for that clarification with images. There isn't a setting in Storyline to remove that section completely, but would be a neat idea, and I can understand how that would make your courses appear more seamless. I think it would be worth telling our product team about it here!

In the meantime, perhaps someone in the community has a method for removing that information from the published output?