Deleted Audio Still Playing

I have a pre-recorded audio file that I needed to use parts of on 3 slide layers (base layer plus 2 more layers). I edited the audio in Storyline by copying the full audio to each layer and deleting the portions not needed for each layer. When I preview on the layers, the audio plays correctly. However, when I preview the slide or the scene, the full audio still plays on the base layer and the 3rd layer. The cropped audio plays correctly on the 2nd layer. Anybody else encounter ghost audio and if so, how did you resolve it?

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Gina and Matthew,

I've had similar issues with audio in SL. My description - in case the differences make a difference:

  • Insert audio into SL
  • Edit and trim in the audio editor
  • Save and close from the editor - back to the slide
  • Play the audio...the "edited out/trimmed portion" is still there (even though it's really not there)
  • Preview the audio from the ribbon...the edited out portion is still there.


Usually, it's just a matter of exiting and restarting SL...perhaps a reboot.

Sometimes, as Matthew suggests, I need to delete the audio and redo.


Do you know how to use a program like Audacity? You could select and export 3 the portions as individual files and bring them into SL that way if you continue to have difficulty.

Gina Evans

Hi Rebecca and Matthew,

I tried exiting and restarting SL--no dice. I ended up deleting the audio altogether, re-importing and re-editing. Maybe the issue happened because it was an imported PPT slide with audio, not an actual audio file imported to the SL slide. I've had a couple of other issues with this project's audio that I normally don't have.

Sounds like I need to look into Audacity. Thanks for your help!


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I love Storyline, but this has to be one of the most frustrating issues I have encountered...I have tried restarting Storyline, restarting my computer, but this has not helped....

What I have had to do is re-record the audio, which is basically akin to not even having an edit audio feature (why have it in the first place then?)