Deleted test banks from one story removed them in another story???

I've been develop several hundred quizzer questions in a Chapter 1, Chapter 2,
Chapter 3 type of structure.  When I went from chapter 1 to chapter 2 and started
developing chapter 2 I started with the chapter 1 file and did a Save as to Chapter 2.
Then I went and deleted all the Question banks that I had used in chapter 1 to start

fresh in Chapter 2.  When I went back to Chapter 1 they are all gone.  This represents

about 4 days worth of work.  When you delete the question banks from one story does

it delete them in the previous stories that you developed?  Tell me it ain't so.  Do I have
to go back and rebuild, reimport etc all those former test banks???   Ouch!!!

What are your thoughts?  Where did my question banks go?  Are they in the trash

can is there any way to retrieve them?


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ted,

I'm having a little trouble following. Did you actually delete the question banks, or just the "Draw" scenes that pull from the question bank?

As far as I know, unfortunately, if you delete the question bank itself, you won't be able to pull from it again. However, if you only deleted the "Draw from question bank" scene, you should still be able to insert another from that bank.