Deleting a results screen removes the variables for recording the result from a second results screen


In SL3 I've accidentally ended up with two results screen in one scene. When I delete one (it doesn't matter which) it removes the variables that track the results from the other result slide - and from the project variables. 

How do I fix it?



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Crystal Horn

Hi Andy.  Thanks for sharing what's happening.  Would you be able to share a couple of things with me?

  • A copy of your SL3 file, if you still have an example, where there are two results slides tracking the same questions.
  • A quick screencast of the steps you're taking to delete the results slide, including the variables list before and after

When I created two results slides that tracked the same questions, I get a different set of variables for the quiz (denoted by a sequential number after the variable name).  Deleting a results slide only deleted the related quiz variables.

I hope to be able to recreate what you're seeing with some concrete steps.  Thanks!

Crystal Horn

Thanks for the file, Andy.  Question:  did you delete a set of results variables?  I'm only seeing the Results1 variable set.

When you add a results slide, it will generate a new set of results variables.  Each set of variables depends upon the results slide and what questions it tracks.  Currently, it looks like both of your results slides are referring to the same variable set (Results1) but tracking different questions.

Thanks for the intel!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Andy,

I'm not sure how two results slides are both drawing from the same set of variables, since I haven't been able to recreate this problem in a new Storyline 3 file. However, there may be a way we can correct the problem in your own file.

Try adding a third results slide in Scene 6. When you add that new results slide, do you get a new set of variables?

If so, format the new results slide to match the design of the original results slides, then delete the originals. 

Let me know if that helps!

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for the details Andy and for the update.

I'm seeing the issue you are reporting within your file, but like Crystal I'm not sure how this happened short of removing variables.

Even if I duplicate a Result Slide, I get additional triggers.

I would advise duplicating one of those slides and then removing the original so that you have the variables needed to complete this project.

Shawn Connelly

Ahhh... I was hoping that there was another solution to this issue.

I am seeing the same problem. :( 

I have created a new template, and now I wish to transfer my older lessons to the new template. 

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open new template
  2. Import older Storyline into a new scene. Where variables are in use, I select merge. Maybe this is where I am going wrong?
  3. Copy content over over.
  4. For the quiz section, I just copy over the actual quiz questions and leave the first, and last (results slide) intact. 
  5. Every is fine, variables such as %Results.ScorePercent and %Results.ScorePoints are working.
  6. Delete no longer needed imported scene. 
  7. All the variables generated for the results slide are deleted!

Since the main/original results slide still exists, why is Storyline removing the variables? 

To get the variables back, I need to delete the original results slide and regenerate it. Rather annoying.