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Graham North


Technically the custom colours are stored in an xml file deep in a hidden part of your Windows user profile. So if you are able to find the file it should be a simple task to remove them with the help of a text editor.  However this sort of hacking with program support files can be dangerous and I doubt anyone from the Articulate team will endorse such practices.

Anne-Marie Davis

It would be great to be able to right click on a custom color to remove it as a feature in articulate.

Sometimes I have variations of a lighter or darker shade of a color and until I find exactly what I want, I can delete (remove) each one I no longer need instead of wondering which one it is bc they are so close in color. I don't want to overwrite it. 

Lauren Connelly

Thanks for adding these additional details, Anne-Marie!

We don't have a feature for right-clicking on a custom color to remove it, but I can see how this would impact your workflow! Our team uses this contact form to track these requests. We'll keep you updated if our team chooses to add this to our roadmap.