Deleting Cusom Color

Apr 29, 2013

Is there a way to delete the custom color settings in 'more colors'?

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Graham North


Technically the custom colours are stored in an xml file deep in a hidden part of your Windows user profile. So if you are able to find the file it should be a simple task to remove them with the help of a text editor.  However this sort of hacking with program support files can be dangerous and I doubt anyone from the Articulate team will endorse such practices.

Anne-Marie Davis

It would be great to be able to right click on a custom color to remove it as a feature in articulate.

Sometimes I have variations of a lighter or darker shade of a color and until I find exactly what I want, I can delete (remove) each one I no longer need instead of wondering which one it is bc they are so close in color. I don't want to overwrite it. 

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