Deleting notes under text box on template

Dec 13, 2014

I apologize for the basic question, but I am just learning to create my first presentation.  Doing well so far but could use some guidance.

I added a slide using the available sorting drag & drop template.  Each text box has pre-filled notes explaining the features of the interaction.  When I add my own text to the boxes, the pre-filled notes stay underneath my text and I can't seem to find where to remove them. 

I have added a screen shot of my slide.  If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated!  I am sure it is right in front of me but I'm not seeing it.  Thanks so much!

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Lisa Barr

I'm sure I will get the hang of it; it does get easier as I build the training.  I am stuck again on another very minor and probably basic issue.  I imported another drag & drop template and for some reason on the clipboard in slide view it shows the green text boxes with my steps listed, but when I preview the slide, it only shows the text and not the boxes.  : ( 


Wendy Farmer

Hi Lisa

the 'green' boxes are actually invisible hotspots -you can see them green in SL when you are developing but when you preview or publish they will be invisible to the learner which is what you want.

If you mouse over them you should be able to click to link - you can have the 'hand' cursor show or hide when they mouse over.  To get the hand option, highlight one of the hotspots > right click > select show hand cursor

Hope that helps

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