deleting triggers

Hi I am having big problems trying to delete triggers in Storyline 2. After I have deleted a trigger for a slide and added a new trigger it still defers to the original trigger. This is hugely frustrating, can anybody help please ? I am wondering whether there is a fault in the  software or whether there is some troubleshooting problem I can resolve. 


Many Thanks,


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Dave

when I said locally I meant you are using Storyline and associated assets (images, video, audio) from your local C: drive and not trying to access the story file or assets from a network, usb or external drive.

since this is a public forum if you are ok for it to be posted here you can click the grey 'add attachment' button at the bottom of the post and upload.

If you want to share privately with me (I am not Articulate staff just a another forum user) you can click my picture and select 'contact me' and send via email.

If the file is confidential you could log a support ticket with Articulate and get them to look at it for you (that is a private upload).