Deleting zipped folders after publishing to an LMS

Is there a reason to (or not to) delete zipped folders from your company's server or your computer's drive once the zipped folder is published to an LMS?

Along those same lines, once a course is published to an LMS and assigned/taken by learners, is there any issue with saving over a zipped folder that was already published to an LMS, where the new zipped file will not be published to the "old" LMS, but will be uploaded to the "new" LMS"?

**note: if it makes any difference, I am publishing compliance courses to our LMS that learners are required to take and where reports for audits are needed.


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Geert De Rycke

Hi Dana

When we publish to our LMS, we delete the Zipped folder.
We do have a versioning system so in case an isseu arises with a published course, we do a rollback, fix it, recompile it, zip it and roll it out again on our LMS, which also has a versioning system.

So in any case we can always go back to the source of the version that is running on our LMS.

We are using NetDimension



Dana Kocalis

Great info Thanks Geert.

It looks like NetDimension is your LMS. What do you use for your versioning system? Is it a product that you purchassed? or is it part of the LMS? Or, do you just have a folder saving process on your computer/server?

Currently, I have set up folders on our server to manage the versions of our complaince courses


Version 1 folder (all raw .story files) and all zipped files go into a folder called "Zipped Version 1" folders" go in this folder

Version 2 foldert....etc....

If we delete all of the zipped folders, then we only have the "raw .story" files saved, and no zipped folders.

Also, I assume that you also delete all of the "output" folders, is this correct?

Thanks again,