DEMO: Evaluating Multiple Fill in the Blank - SL2 Source File

Jan 13, 2017

Hi everyone,

I've seen this question posed a few times lately and thought I would share a sample I created.  Uses the Freeform Pick One quiz slide type.

  • Evaluate one text entry field that can have multiple answers
  • Evaluate multiple text entry fields with multiple answers using variables
  • Evaluate multiple text entry fields that only have one answer

As always - shout out with any questions.

Update: Linking to Jeanette Brooks original screencast that got the ball rolling for this type of interaction -->screencast


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Farai Manwa

Hi Wendy, I'm having all sorts of trouble with this for some reason. Firstly it wouldn't allow me to select 'submit' button when setting the correct/incorrect triggers. I've copied the trigger off a template I've downloaded in the hope that this is a workaround. However I complete the questions with the correct answers and I'm being told the questions are incomplete? Any ideas why? I've included screen shots. TIA 

Farai Manwa

Thank you so much. Such a simple correction that is easily overlooked. Works fine now. Would you mind helping me with my next issue also please? The user is to 'check' each box that applies to them therefore there isn't a correct answer. I'd like the 'complete' layer to appear when any number of inputs have been applied and the 'incomplete' to appear should the user try to submit without checking any. Story file attached. Sorry for all of the questions this is my first question storyline file. TIA

Wendy Farmer

Hi Farai

you haven't set this up as a Pick One slide it's just a content slide.

  • converted to a Pick One slide
  • added the complete / incomplete buttons to the form view and selected 'complete' as the correct answer
  • created a T/F variable called 'count' default to false
  • added a selected state to all the checkboxes
  • set a trigger to change count to true if the state of any of the checkboxes was 'selected'
  • set a trigger to show layer complete when user clicks Submit button on condition 'count' = true
  • set a trigger to show layer incomplete when user clicks Submit button on condition 'count' not equal to true

Order of triggers is very important

Hope this is what you were after

Florence McMaster

Hi Wendy!


I have said it before and I'll say it again - you're a legend!  


I have used this in a number of courses now and it's perfect, however I have one particular question where the student needs to provide 3 kinds of documents. I am wondering if there is a way to prevent them from entering the same document 3 times and still coming up for a correct answer?

There are 10 different documents they could enter, however if they write, say, "communication plan" in TextEntry1, and then write "communication plan" in TE2 and 3, I want Storyline to pick up on this and mark it as incorrect. 


Hope that makes sense?

Flo :)

JC Blanchard

Hi Wendy,

If I understand correctly, this technique is a "all or nothing" proposition.  If I have 5 text entry fields on one slide, the user has to enter all 5 correct answers to get points.  What I would like to do, is to have 5 text entry fields and the user gets 1 point for each correct answer.  If he gets 2 answers right, he gets 2 points. I can't figure out how to do this.  Is this possible?

John Moore

Hello, wonderful people! I have a situation using multiple text entry fields on one slide that I hoped you could take a look at - Storyline file attached. From over 60 values the learner first selects his/her top 15 then types in the "top 5".

I need those 5 that they type in to be communicated to the LMS, but that isn't happening. And, it doesn't seem like it's triggering a completion.  I'm honestly not sure if I have it set up correctly. Any suggestions/input/feedback is greatly appreciated!

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