DEMO: Evaluating Multiple Fill in the Blank - SL2 Source File

Hi everyone,

I've seen this question posed a few times lately and thought I would share a sample I created.  Uses the Freeform Pick One quiz slide type.

  • Evaluate one text entry field that can have multiple answers
  • Evaluate multiple text entry fields with multiple answers using variables
  • Evaluate multiple text entry fields that only have one answer

As always - shout out with any questions.

Update: Linking to Jeanette Brooks original screencast that got the ball rolling for this type of interaction -->screencast


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Valeta

I was linking to someone else's screencast as extra information. If that has been moved I don't control that sorry.  But the link to download the story file still works.

If you have a specific question or a story file started that you need help with feel free to upload the file and someone can help you.


QUESTION: ignore case

Hi there, what an excellent solution - however, how do I get the 'ignore case' option on if/and statements? My only text variable (YesNovar) has a value "yes" but typing with a capital letter returns an Incorrect answer. I'm using SL360.

My code

I don't get the (ignore case) as per example I followed:

their code


Thank you, :)


Rebecca Taverner-Coleman

Thanks for this helpful tutorial. Unfortunately, I keep getting a message that says I need to complete the question when I click submit. I've attached the slide in question. I'm sure I have the triggers wrong somehow, but I'm not adept enough to know. Help?


Wendy Farmer

Hey Rebecca

couple of tweaks for you to get it working.

1. the incorrect set of trigger conditions should be OR not AND.

2. the submit interaction trigger should be after SL has evaluated the offstage correct/incorrect buttons.

Another tip.  Instead of the having all the conditions in the incorrect trigger you could set it to:

Change state of 'incorrect' to selected when user clicks Submit on condition the 'correct' button/shape is not equal to selected.

So you set the correct trigger with all the conditions as you have done, and then if that isn't satisfied then correct button won't be selected so you can use that in the second trigger.  Hope that makes sense

Wendy Farmer

Hi Rebecca

Sorry I tested getting it incorrect and it worked but I checked and two of your text entries conditions were missing the 'ignore case' in the correct trigger if you were typing in Defect without a capital (D) it would error and not submit the answer.

Updated file attached.

Lucy Wood

This is a great idea to quiz, and I'm using it on course on how to build a quote on a loan.  I have used it for one question in my course, and it works.  This one, however, does not.  When I preview it, I enter all 7 entries and click SUBMIT.  But I get the message that it needs me to answer the question before submitting.  All of the variables that are similar to the other question  have a "1" beside them, since I took the first pick one I built and copied it to create this second one.  I appreciate the help to make this work!