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Michael Hinze

You could use this app here: http://www.reflectorapp.com/ to mirror your iPad/iPhone screen to your desktop and then record it with Storyline. Or you could use the simulator that comes with the iOS software development kit and record the app that way. here is a sample of that: http://dev.keypointlearn.com/xcl71_SL/iPhoneRec/

Alison Martin

So, I have installed the trial version of Reflector and it is exactly what I wanted except for one thing. I have no way of showing my "finger" (i.e. where I am tapping). Does anyone have a solution for this? It seems silly to have to go to all the trouble of filming a demo with a camera, just to show the hand/fingers.

Anna Taylor

I am currently using Articulate 360 to create an interactive demo on how to use our mobile app. I am using reflector, but am unsure how you break down the video for the end user to click along. Do you have to individually capture "screen shots" and add hot spots and text interactions for the end user to get the feel?