[Demo] Multiple test banks, multiple attempts per bank

Jan 21, 2013

Someone asked the other day if this use case could be supported with a Storyline output:

"I want my participants to be able to take a pre-test or post-test that randomly pulls questions from banks associated with separate learning objectives. I want to require 100% mastery to pass an objective. However, I want to give an extra try for each bank if they fail to get it the first time through. I'd also like to use the results to customize navigation and cues later in the module. Is there a way to do this and to make it feel seamless?"

The attached file is what I came up with. This is a modification of a tailored pre-test example I built last year (take a pre-test to master sections of a course). Last year's example contained lions, tigers, and bears. This example isn't that cute but it should illustrate how to make this work.

Here's the way it works:

  1. This assessment contains 3 banks. Each bank has between 3 and 4 questions with a 2 question per-bank pull.
  2. A results / processing slide is inserted between each bank. This handles the logic for looping through a bank and stores the results for retrieval later.

The processing slide contains triggers that:


  • Process the results for the  bank that appears just before the slide.
  • Check to see how many times the bank has been encountered
  • Check the score of the attempt on the questions in the bank
  • If only attempted once, reset the bank (causing a new draw) and allow another attempt.
  • If attempted more than once or the score is 100%, go to the next bank.
  • If we're in review mode for a bank, setup the review for the next bank in the sequence to make review flow smoothly.

Hope this helps to generate some ideas on how you might cycle through banks to provide tailored pathways.

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