Denote completed modules in training

I am working on a menu slide that has 4 boxes that users can click on that bring them to more information on a topic. I'd like to do the following and I'm not sure whether layers or triggers to new slides are the best way to do this (I'm a rookie but an excited one!):

- I'd like each box to light up when hovered over with the mouse (I've got this one figured out with a state and trigger)

- When the user clicks on a box to go to the detail slide on that topic, I'd like the box to turn to a shade of grey when they come back to the menu slide to note that the user has already clicked on that module. (right now when they come back, the box actually is disappearing although I tried to put a "Visited" state on the boxes).

- I'd like a "Next" button to appear only when the user has clicked on all four boxes to read the detail material. I'm planning to use a quiz at the end of this section but want to make sure they've clicked all four boxes first.

Thank you so much for the help! This software is really fun, I know there's a lot to learn though!


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Eliasbeth and welcome to Heroes!

A few thoughts - first it's generally easier to help with these issues if you're able to share a copy of the .story file with us so that the community can take a look at what you've got set up.

Next, new slides or layers are really up to you - but if you're going to use layers, those initial boxes/buttons could still be accessible on the layers and allow the user ease of getting back to that base layer slide.

The hover state of a button is one that actually does not need a trigger - so I suspect part of the issue you're running into with the items disappearing may be stemming from that. To help clarify, I thought you may want to review the definitions here of the button states.

For the next button, do you want it to appear on the slide itself as a custom button or are you using the built in player buttons?

Elisabeth Charnley

Using the buttons were the key! Thank you. I had just been using shapes that I inserted instead of the buttons but once I swapped over to those, the hover and visited states were perfect! And I was able to use a trigger, combined with the states on the buttons to make the next button show when all the previous buttons had changed state to "visited". Thank you for your help Ashley!