Deploying Storyline to iPad devices question - Thanks!

There's probably an easy answer, but... I understand the process of deploying a Storyline presentation to an iPad, via a posted link from a web server, and/or using the same via WIFI and utilizing the Articulate application... My question is can I place Storyline presentations directly into iPads without deploying the presentation to a web server? This would be via an iTunes download or ???  What I'm hoping to do is to pre-load a series of iPads with training presentations and using them like a training kiosk, without allowing the trainee/user web access... Thanks in advance!

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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Dave,

Pre-loading the iPads with courses assumes that you will have access to them before your learners do, right? In this case you can publish a course locally with "Allow Downloading for offline use" enabled, then manually download the course through Articulate Mobile Player one by one (tedious - I know). Once you are done with the download, then just re(move) the published course from the server. That way they will only have access to the downloaded courses through AMP.

Hope it helps,