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Oct 12, 2016


I have a very large video (over 6Gb) that I want to use and have a number of questions about it's use...


1. Am I better downsizing it before use?

2. I want to use bits of this video on several slides and trim it each this sensible or I am I better editing outside and importing as several clips?

Currently it takes ages to save and it is a very large storyline file.



Chris Pim

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Susi B


we work with many videos in our courses too and I would recommend cutting them into the pieces you want to have before loading them into the course. We also use video dummies to create the whole course (like a 3 sec Video), do all voice over and as a last step we import the videos, because the loading and saving time of the storyline file will increase pretty much. You should also look into your publishing quality of the videos, we made some tests with our courses and saw that videoquality setting 8-10 causes a pretty large file, 7-1 is good for us to work with. But this you have to figure out for yourself. :)

Hope this helps a little.


Brian Dennis

Nice suggestion Susi on the placeholder videos. I'm a large fan of videos. In cases of heavy videos (6Gb is very heavy) we host the videos with a company that specializes in streaming videos to give the best experience no matter the connection speed. If the client absolutely insists on "local" (disconnected) sessions, we've licensed a web object friendly player that we embed via Web Object and point at videos inside the published story_contents folder. Works great and we get mobile-friendly playback to boot!

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