Deployment trouble of a Quizzer IE not Firefox-- can I add HTML?


I have a series of Questions (M/C and Fill-ins) in a package that I copied
up to my web site in your Folder.  There is a file Story.hml that up loaded and
am wanting to modify in Dreamweaver CS6.  I call up the "Story.html" file but
two things: 
1) The Story.html works in IE but does not in Firefox???
2)  Can I add in the HTML code a heading and or a link out of the Story.html
file either on top or below the quizzer. 
When I try to add a <h2>Try this out</h2> or <p> type statement</p>
Nothing shows up. 
Can I add things on top of the quizzer?  I'm in DreamWeaver CS6?


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Ted Hildebrandt


on Question #1:  Apparently Flash was not loaded in Firefox.  That solved that problem.
On Question #2:  still wondering how do I add headers and footers in html to the story.html file
                                 to link things in and out on my web site in Dreamweaver?