Mar 23, 2017

I am attempting to created, in Storyline 2, a 22 lesson teacher training course consisting of 1 introductory lesson, 4 core lessons and 16 satellite lessons divided around the core lessons.  We want to give a certificate to those who complete the entire course and we don't have an LMS.  It is possible to track the user's completion of lessons if the lessons are divided into several different .story files without an LMS? I believe that if all of the lessons were in one .story file it would simply be a state change upon completion of each lesson, but the file would be massive and thus slow in many parts of the globe where internet is not "up to speed".

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Crystal Horn

Hi Sylvia!  I'm interested to see what sort of responses you get; I'd say to cross-post in our Building Better Courses forum too.

It sounds like instead of true tracking and reporting of completion and scores that an LMS would offer, you are looking to get your learners to a certificate slide as evidence of having completed the course.

Just a thought...could you have a master course to serve as a hub or "main menu" of lessons that links out to other .story courses for each of the lessons?  That way you could lock access to the certificate slide until the necessary lessons have all been visited.  Use the Resume settings to decide if learners have the ability to pick up where they left off if they navigate away from the course.

Hope to see some further input on this idea!

Sylvia Wright

Thanks Crystal. I'll sure look into it. I think it would be better if I could have the last slide of the course be the "visited" link, but I don't think I can link to a specific slide in another .story file, can I? Ostensibly a user could click the link in the master file and go there, but then just return to the master file without completing that lesson (file). Right?

Thanks for the suggestion on cross posting!

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