Design Advice Needed!- How do you time your animations so they look so good?!

I see many of your examples and I'm always struck by how well you time your animations. I'm working on a project right now that does not have narration. I want to add some animations to add interest but they don't seem to flow well. What are you tips for how you decide timing, order, type of animation, etc. I really want this to look good. Let me know also if you think no animation is better. Thanks for your words of wisdom. 

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Christie Pollick
Bradley Evans

Hi, Heather

Animations can be very difficult to perfect. One thing to always keep in mind is hierarchy of information, a simple fade in by paragraph is a great way to start. Make sure any intro animation you have is quick, you do not want a image/text/page to take too long, if your animations take too long to build your user will lose concentration real fast. Last thing to remember is to keep it simple, fades/wipes are good, but anything that is over the top will start to look very unprofessional.