Design Considerations for a universal e-learning experience?

So I have some upfront design consideration questions. Let's say I am starting an e-learning program, self-paced, yada yada. I know the following: 

1. Web-based, not in an LMS

2. Can pick the app stack for the web implementation

3. Using at least Storyline for publishing modules

4. Want the user experience to be as close to the same as possible based on top likely browsers (no extra downloads of separate just go to a site and take the courses)

5. Assuming iPad/iPhone learners as well

I understand the state of mobile safari and IE with their limitations with fully supporting HTML5 "to spec" (to which, maybe no one does)...not "cursing the sun here"...I get that some things are browser issues and not Articulate's...

I am looking for suggestions, samples, or outside reading or blogs that discuss how to do what I am asking. If it means coming up with different "workflows" for some of the cool things you can do in Storyline, so be it. I just am looking for an "MVP" type product experience for all consumers.

Any help, pointers, demo sites, etc. appreciated.

I imagine the solution is going to involve dos and donts for Storyline design + javascript and css suggestions.

thanks everyone!

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