Designing Curriculum for a 12 week - Intro to Elearning and Instructional Design

I am in the process of designing the curriculum for a 12 week course aimed at professional writers. The course is ambitious and hopes to leave the learners with a "taste" for designing and developing elearning courses. There will be some hands on ( hoping the college will provide students with Articulate Storyline as an authoring tool). 

The course will run for 3 hours a week and is part of a larger "Professional Writing" certificate program for university graduates. The intention is not that the students will be elearning design and development experts but will be exposed to the basics, current trends, futures, etc for elearning and development.

Some of the content will be covered in a boot-camp that all students will take at the beginning of the program ( I am recommending that we include a how-to session on Storyboarding in the bootcamp).

My Question 

If you were designing this, what topics would you include? Understanding that time is short.   

ps: I do have an outline developed but I am hoping to get some ideas/suggestions from my peers. Anything you can provide would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Steve Chorny




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Bruce Holliday

How exciting for the students. No doubt they will range in skills and abilities from one end of the scale to the other so you will have to account for this or you may lose some.

It's a huge topic to condense into such a short period and you would need to expose the students to every angle of the project, audience, needs analysis,  storyboarding, concept, development prototyping, available software, build phase, testing, review, scorm, deployment, review or feedback. It would be useful for them if in the end they have output they can use and is relevant to them, such as a profile story or a resume.

Good luck

Steve Chorny

Thanks everyone for your comments so far. And yes, I agree with you Bruce, it is a huge topic for the time allocated. But that is what the college came up with in it's approved plan. So be it. It will be reviewed down the road. 


Ps: at minmum, I would prefer to have two separate courses, one for design and the followup course for development.