Desired feature: Syncronizing Notes with audio

In my productions, I very frequently time animation elements to the speak, which is always replicated in Notes. While one can to some extent read the audio waves and make a qualified guess about what is being said, my life would become a lot easier - and productions much faster - if there was a way to show the Notes text in sync with the audio. If this was possible, I'd have much less guessing and testing to do.

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Henrik Clausen

Hi Asley

This is actually a third situation:
While editing the slides, so that the elements match the audio I've already recorded. I have a lot of elements that need to be in sync with the spoken words, and while looking at the audio waves on the Timeline is useful, there's still a lot of trial and error involved in this approach.

I'll add this to Features as well, tomorrow (am in CET here).