Detect freeform drag and drop tile order


I've spent a few hours searching the documentation and forums, and experimenting.  Unfortunately, I could not find an answer to my question.


  1. Created a "Quizzing > Freeform > Drag and Drop" slide.
  2. I've added several items, configuring some as drag items and some as drop targets.
  3. I've checked the "Snap dropped items to target" and set the drop box underneath to "Tile".

When I use the slide, the items stack up nicely in the target fields.  Interestingly, it is possible to change the order of the tiles in the field by dragging them around; when one tile is dragged over existing tiles, the existing tiles will make room at that drop point.  This is very similar to the behaviour displayed by "Quizzing > Graded > Sequence Drag and Drop".

Is it possible to determine the order of the drag items in the drop targets via the variables interface or JavaScript?



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