Detecting Flash vs HTML5 vs mobile vs not available

Oct 16, 2014

Our department is creating e-learning modules using Storyline 2. I have tested this to include mobile and HTML5.

If I understand this correctly, the only way someone can use our module on a mobile device is to download your app?

Also, if the user doesn't have Flash installed, does the module know to offer HTML5 instead? Or is this something we have to set up ourselves?

If the user is unable to run Flash or HTML5 or mobile, does the module know to advise the user that their setup can't access the module? Or again, is this something we must set up on our site?



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Michael Hinze

While using the Mobile Player app is recommended, it is not the only way to view HTML5 content. Storyline's HTML5 output can also be viewed in a mobile browser. If no Flash is available, the HTML5 version will be served instead. Here is some info on HTML5 publishing. I may be wrong about this (haven't testing it myself), but for a user without Flash installed and a browser that doesn't support HTML5, I would expect either a link to be displayed to download Flash or (worst case scenario) a blank browser window to be shown.

Michael Hinze

You probably published your content with the 'Use Articulate Mobile Player for iOS or Android' option selected. In that case, if the Mobile player app is not installed, a download link for the app is displayed. If you want to view the HTML5 output in a mobile browser instead, you can link to the story_html5.html file instead.

Kaono Lindsey

The tech part confuses me at times. So if I publish and check all the options, everything should work fine on the desktop major browsers (IE,Chrome,Fox), and mobile options with player or html5 correct? I just noticed that a slider action will work in IE and Chrome, but not Fox even though I checked every box when publishing.

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