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Juanjo Haro

Hi, Alexandros... i've tried that but it does not wok. When the timeline starts, even the video does not start, the objects hides...

I'm tryin to create a player with an image over it. That images has a play button. when you pressed the image hides and the video starts. when the video starts, the image shows, but if the user hits de play of the video controls, the video starts with the image showing.


Alexandros Anoyatis

I've done something similar in the past

If it's absolutely necessary for the video to be on the base layer then you would have to hide the play icon next to the player control bar.

If you want to incorporate other play/pause buttons in the slide then it gets much more complicated (especially if you also want to maintain compatibility with html5 and iOS).

The easiest path would be to place the video on a layer if you can afford to, though...

Juanjo Haro

I thing is solved and a very simple way that i don't like so much but it works... the image over the video now covers the video controls, so the user is forced to use only this way to start the video. I must try if it works on html5

Donna, the video controls are necesary. After our clients wants html5, we use a flash player with a lot of controls and removing it, ufff...

I'll tell you if it works on html5