Determining Number of Points in Storyline Project


Is there a way to determine the total number of points in a project without manually counting the number of slides (and/or points) reporting to the results slide?

For example, I have 60 questions and each question when answered correctly are 1 point. In order for me to determine how many points overall, I have to go in and manually count the number of slides that will be calculated in the Results slide (i.e. 60 question slides = 60 total points).  This is time consuming and I have several projects with various number of possible points. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. 

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Kimberly Wittrock

Thanks Leslie for your response. I'm aware of how the results slides provide feedback at the end of the quiz. My course requires that the user is told how many points are possible and the passing score BEFORE they take the quiz.

So, in order for me to provide this information upfront I have to go into the results slide and determine the number of questions it is scoring. In some cases there are 60 plus questions reporting to the results slide and I have to manually count each one. Luckily once I determine the number of questions I can easily determine the number of points as mine are all set to 1 point each. However, this could be even more time consuming if I had each question weighted differently with various number of points. 

Adobe captivate has a function where you can see an overview of all questions in a file and how many points are assigned to each. This would be very helpful if Storyline could do this as well. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Kimberly - I did not fully understand what you were after here and your further explanation helped for sure.

Now, there is not really a 'built-in' way to do what you are asking, but I may have a better idea than the manual counting.

Check out this Peek Video with my idea on utilizing the Results.PassPoints variable.

Attaching my brief demo file as well.